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Dear developer,

We all know how competitive the android market is so when it comes to advertising every little helps!

What we want to offer you is a great cross promotion free advertising offer!

All our apps use RAF App Ads. This is a big banner ad system for android devices. For more info see here:

We normally charge however if you place a simple link anywhere on your app we will add your banner ad for free for life, as long as your app displays our ads!

Stats & Features:
- Big ads - big exposure! (300x250 jpeg, jpg, gif or png)
- All impressions and clicks are tracked.
- You can view stats anytime you want.
- We also record which app or source clicks are made from.
- We are currently getting 500+ impressions a day with just 5 apps using this system! (this is gauranteed to rise)
- We are averaging about 10% CTR, which is one of the highest CTR values in the field!
- All ads are rotated randomly with a very even spread across all banners.

You can place our ads on the exit screen or as an intermediate screen or when your app starts.
Its a simple PHP link and should be shown in a web control/object which allows users to click and follow links:

If you want to see how we use it and get good results just check out one of our lite apps like Tap Masters:
Get Tap Masters app here


- You can filter certain category of ads very simply, for example dating or gambling ads by adding "&excludes=5|6" to our link
- For example|6
- Split each category you want to exclude with a "|"
- To allow all ads just use
- No coding required
- Once set needs no maintenace
- No complicated API or SDK required
- Compatible with all app developement platforms!


0 = General / Misc Category
1 = Religious apps/content
2 = Gambling apps/content
3 = General Third Party Apps
4 = Raf Systems Apps
5 = Music Related apps/content
6 = Dating apps/content

If you are interested email us back with the following:

- Your app name where you installed ours ads (300 x 250)
- Link to your app so we can verify the ads are installed and shown correctly
- Your own banner ad (300x250 jpeg, jpg, gif or png)
- The ad target link
- Your contact email
- Your website if you have one
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